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Rogue Traders

Has anyone ever knocked your door trying to sell you goods or services? Many honest businesses use this technique – but so do fraudsters.

Rogue Traders often appear to be highly professional. They can have printed leaflets and vehicles branded with their company name, making you think they are legitimate. Don’t be fooled - they are criminals!
They often use highly pressurised selling techniques to convince victims to use their services and they charge exorbitant prices for work of a poor standard or work that is never carried out. We often hear stories about people being convinced that they need work done, for example building work on their home, that doesn’t even need to be done. In the worse cases, we’ve seen rogue traders stealing cash and belongings from the homes of their victims.  
How to protect yourself against rogue traders and bogus callers:

Remember traders must give you written notice of your right to 14 days cancellation when agreeing to do work at your home, including work gained from a cold call. 

What should you do if you’ve been a victim?