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Identity Fraud

Identity theft happens when someone steals your personal information and/or belongings so they can use your identity. Sometimes they do this for their own financial gain, which is called identity fraud. You may not even realise the fraud has happened until after the event, when you receive a bill or have trouble getting credit. In fact, Experian, the credit agency, has found that it takes an average of 292 days to discover you’ve become a victim.

So why is this type of fraud on the rise? A recent study has shown that….

How are peoples identities being stolen?

Theft: Personal information can be obtained through stealing someone’s purse or through burglary

Cold Calling: People calling at home, pretending to be legitimate businesses and then tricking the resident into giving away personal information

Hacking: Fraudsters are using technology to hack into computers and smartphones where they can access a wealth of information

Phishing: Criminals are sending emails pretending to be from businesses, asking the receiver to click on a link. This then allows them to access their information

Data breach: Information is stolen from companies/service providers

How to protect yourself against this type of fraud?

What should you do if you’ve been a victim?