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Violent crime

What is it?

Violent crime or physical abuse covers different levels of injury. The legislation that covers such offences includes common assault, actual bodily harm, grievous bodily harm and racially aggravated assaults and abuse.

Physical abuse or violent crime is any intentional or unwanted contact with you either as a threat, actual contact with you or holding  an object such as a knife close to you. Sometimes abusive behaviour does not cause pain or even leave a bruise. Some examples of physical abuse are:

An assault is an act by which the offender intentionally or recklessly causes the victim to either believe they will be subjected to immediate and unlawful personal violence or to sustain unlawful personal violence.

An assault, whilst often physical can under some circumstances be committed by words alone or words accompanied by a threatening act. The victim must have been aware of the offender’s actions at the time and the threat of unlawful violence must be immediate.

Where can I get help or further information?

It is recommended that you first seek medical advice or assistance if you have been assaulted and/or injured, but a case of an emergency, or if violence is in progress, call 999 immediately to seek assistance from Gwent Police and other emergency services.

If the case is not an emergency you can contact Gwent Police either by calling 101 or by reporting the assault on the police website or via the Connect Gwent website.                                                   

Other support agencies