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Hate crime

What is it?

A hate crime is a criminal offence which  the victim believes has been motivated by some form of prejudice or hate.

Hate crimes and incidents can be motivated by prejudice about:

Crimes that are often committed as hate crimes are:

Hate incidents can often escalate to crimes or tension within a community. The police can only prosecute when the law is broken but can work with you and other partner agencies such as local authorities to try and prevent  the situation becoming worse.

Why should you report hate crime?

Hate crimes and incidents hurt people and are frightening and destructive to communities and families.

By reporting such incidents when they happen to you, you may be able to prevent them from happening to someone else and show to society the extent of hate crime not only in your local community but nationally so local partners and police can provide a better response.  . 

How can you report a hate crime?

There are several ways you can report a hate crime, whether you have been a victim, a witness, or you are reporting on behalf of someone else:

In an emergency

If you or another are at immediate risk of harm call 999 straight away.  If you cannot make voice calls, you can now contact the 999 emergency services by SMS text from your mobile phone. However, you will only be able to use this service if you have registered with emergency SMS first. See the emergency SMS website for details.

Contact the police

You do not have to give your personal details and can speak to someone confidentially within Gwent Police.  Please be aware that the investigation and ability to prosecute an offender(s) is severely limited if the police cannot contact you.  You can contact Gwent Police either by telephone by ringing 101 or by visiting your local police station. Details on how to contact Gwent police can be found at www.Gwent Police.uk

Report online

You can report online using the facility on this website or you can go to the 'Reporting online' page on the True Vision website which will also enable you to report an incident via this website.

Self-reporting form

You can download the self- reporting form from the True vision website and send this to your local police force. The forms, including an Easy Read version, can be found on the 'Report a hate crime' page.

Third party reporting centres

Local agencies such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, Community Voluntary Services etc. can also report the incident on your behalf and provide you with advice and support. The Organisations that can help are also available on the True Vision website. Also Stop Hate UK provides confidential and independent Hate Crime reporting services in various areas in the UK including a 24 hour helpline.